Sara Jackson(non-registered)
The spirit of the animals, and of wild nature - you capture it in every image... They are stunning
Manuela Horvath(non-registered)
So beautiful dear Ray
Love your work, Ray.
You capture so much more than an image.
try these guys out(non-registered)
try these guys out You have astonishing information listed here.
Superb Web page, Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks a lot! frankie
Birgitta Skrodzki(non-registered)
Your pictures are excellent and magnificent in its quality.You allow a spectacular and intimate view in the life of these unique, beautiful and innocent animals.You genarate an amazing and exciting atmosphere.Every picture touched me deeply and I felt your closeness and love to this beautiful animals.Thank you for giving me this exceptional inside. I hope that many people will see the animals with your eyes when they watch your photos and the kangaroos will be someday secure.
Yvette G - former press photographer(non-registered)
You were the best photographer I have ever had the honour of working with - and over the years I have worked with some of the best, but you top 'em all. You taught me how to shoot pictures way back when - and how to work with available light like a master painter. Your eye is magnificent, your sense of beauty breathtaking. You remain a true and extraordinary artist of celluloid.
Brenda Marmion(non-registered)
Hi Ray, a huge thank you for your tireless work for the kangaroos, and much admiration for your wonderful photography.
Karen Stopford(non-registered)
Ray, your photos capture something special about each of these beautiful creatures; it makes me feel as if I could peek inside their life stories and see what makes them each unique. If only others could see what you see and could hear what you've so brilliantly translated for us through your lens, there would be no more cruelty on this planet, for no-one who understands could bear the thought of seeing even a flicker of suffering in those eyes. Thank you so much for letting us in to see these....
Penny Reilly(non-registered)
Your work is magnificent's raw and yet so personal ...nature must stand still for you to make these stunning images.
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